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‘Sect chair

‘Sect has an insect like form, based on bugs such as the ‘Devil’s Coach Horse’. The legs are fully adjustable which allows for a laid back lounging position or a more upright seated position.

The chair is constructed from mild steel and Birch Plywood, with stainless steel fixings. It was featured on Channel 5’s ‘Garden ER’ as part of the set, throughout the series.

Originally designed and built as a ‘one-off’ project, I include it here as an example of the kind of project that I can produce as a commission, but as it was so enjoyable to design and make I have decided to make a few more. On the updated ‘Sect chair certain details will be improved and components will be of even better quality.

‘Sect chair                                   tbc - approx £1800

If you are interested in ‘Sect, or for more information, please contact me.