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Ferncube was first produced several years ago, as a one-off. As it has gained a lot of interest recently from friends and colleagues, I have decided to produce a few more.

The initial idea for Ferncube was to combine a geometric form - a cube - with a flowing organic design, in this case an unfurling fern leaf. The fern curls around all 5 visible faces of the cube.

Ferncube can be used as a decorative side-table or seat and is constructed from FSC certified MDF. The fern pattern is engraved in the surface by a 3-axis CNC router. The cube’s size is 450 x 450 x 450 mm.

The original Ferncube shown here is painted with a Polyurathane paint - as I am trying to limit my use of finishes with high VOCs, future Ferncubes will be painted with Little Greene’s excellent ‘Intelligent Eggshell’, a rich, durable water based acrylic paint.

Ferncube                                                       £349

Turn around time for Ferncube is approximately 4 weeks. Please contact me if you are interested in Ferncube, or for any other information.